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Born in 1995. Cracow based photographer, post producer and lecturer. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theather Studies from the Jagiellonian Univesity at Cracow. Graduated in Direction of Photography at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz and Journalism and Social Communication at the Jagiellonian Univesity at Cracow.

Specialize mainly in fashion, portrait and commercial photography. Also focused on documents. Makes models tests and portfolios for actors, musicans and dancers. Producer of commercial photo sessions and post producer at House of Retouching, the most powerful retouching studios in Europe. After work do personal projects.

Love playing basketball, watching tons of movies and video clips and develop skills by looking at works of masters. Sometimes a street photographer, always a grunge music lover. 

Created work for: House Brand, Mohito, Akademia Sztuk Teatralnych im. St. Wyspiańskiego w Krakowie, Lart Studio Kraków, sztuka na wynos, Polikultura Festiwal, Teatr Bakałarz, Zabawyjedzeniem, Jordan Inbound Operators Association, Kata Haratym, MPK Kraków, MG Fit, Krakowski Festiwal Akordeonowy, Loff Studio, TMT Art
I have been internationaly published in various Fashion and Beauty magazines like Vogue Italia, BOYFRIEND Magazine, Marika Magazine, Onlychild Magazine, Malvie Magazine, Twój Styl and more.